Automatic automobile assembly line


We serve a wide variety of industries
in the North American market.

We manufacture carbon steel wires and specialized products based on international certifications and standards to offer the highest quality products across different industries.

Automatic automobile assembly line


Our carbon steel wire has a wide variety of applications
due to the properties gained through different levels of carbon and production processes.

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Aircraft turbine open for maintenance


Our high carbon steel provides great durability and resistance,
essential for this industry that requires a high degree of specialization and quality.

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Snow sweepers in storm


This sector uses vehicles requiring ample load capacity for high performance in physical and mechanical tasks, such as moving parts and materials from storage locations to manufacturing process areas.

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Golf carts at a club

Indoor and outdoor vehicles

These type of units require steel components with specific shapes of wires, springs, studs, and more. These components tend to be highly specialized and require the various features that our carbon steel wires provide.

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