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Carbon Steel Wire Products

We have a broad catalog of products with different properties to satisfy various industries.

Our products are highly specialized and custom-made with different manufacturing processes, carbon grades, dimensions, and diameters.

Cold Heading Quality Wire

Cold Heading Quality Wire (CHQ)

CHQ wires are low or medium carbon and offer malleability to be deformed and transformed into components without cracking.

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Industrial Quality Wire

Industrial Quality Wire (SAE, LC)

These wires offer greater malleability to be bent and create wire forms. They may have different coatings for several uses.

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Hard Drawn Wire

Hard Drawn Wire A227

These wires are drawn or redrawn and have an intrinsic memory due to their high carbon content, allowing the wire to return to its original form after being changed.

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Music Wire

Music Wire A228

Music wires have higher resistance and hardness because of their increased carbon content, allowing them to return to their original shape and offering higher memory, strength, and durability.

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