Steel wire coil

Why Deacero Summit?

We are a global company dedicated to producing, selling, and distributing specialized products and carbon steel wires

Coil of steel wire being dipped to receive a finish


Endorsed by our certifications, allowing us to be highly competitive in the international market, have a great development capacity, and provide support to our clients.

We have an Operational Excellence Model, state-of-the-art technologies to test our products, and an integration of all our processes to ensure their quality.


Where we evaluate specific processes, products, and analyses to comply with the quality standards expected by our clients.

These specialized tests include:

  • Hardness, tension, and compression
  • Determination of chemical elements by a digital spectrometer
  • Metallographic analysis by a digital microscope
Worker doing a test in Deacero Summit's laboratory
Steel wire coils packaged in plastic


That maximizes the use of globally accepted standards in the supply chain. With our records, we are able to uniquely identify each product, making them traceable and allowing a more precise communication between customers, suppliers and partners.


To the needs of each of our clients, adapting the diameter of the wire and subjecting it to different processes according to the specifications they require.

Worker wrapping a coil of steel wire with plastic wrap
Forklifts lifting steel wire coils


As a result of the integration of processes and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver high-quality products for the carbon steel wire market in North America


That allows us to offer high performance and availability during the production process of their products, which are custom made following the requested requirements and international standards to deliver the top quality they expect.

Deacero Summit staff working as a team

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